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Whitelisting Domains

You must register all the domains used by your Tini App to call networking APIs and the webview component with Tiki for security purposes. Tiki will verify to ensure you are the true owner of the domains.

  1. Go to Tini Console.
  2. On the Sidebar menu, select My Apps [Tiện ích của bạn].
  3. Open your desired app.
  4. On the Sidebar menu, select Settings [Cài đặt] and then select General [Tổng quát].
  5. In the Domain whitelist section, type the desired domain in the Add a domain to the whitelist [Thêm mới tên miền vào danh sách quản lý] box, and then click the Verify [Xác thực] button.Whitelist domains

Note: If you use third party domains, please inform Tiki at