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User Support

Tiki strongly advises that Developers provide their support contact info to users in case users have questions or problems regarding Developers’ apps.

Here are the steps for a Developer to provide his contact info.

  1. Go to Tini Console.
  2. On the Sidebar menu, select My Apps [Tiện ích của bạn].
  3. Open your desired app.
  4. On the Sidebar menu, select Settings [Cài đặt] and then select General [Quản lý chung].
  5. In the Support Info [Thông tin hỗ trợ] section , type your email address, phone number and website address at which users can reach you in the event they have questions or need support with your app. Finally, click the Update [Cập nhật] button.
Support contact info of dev

Users can reach the Developer's support info in the following way:

  1. Open the Tini App with which they need support.
  2. Tap the three dot (⋯) button in the top right corner of the display to activate the app menu.Open app menu
  3. Tap Support [Hỗ trợ] on the app menu
  4. The Support dialog with the support contact info is shown.Support dialog