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Sharing App for Preview

You can invite someone to try your application by sending them its link or QR code.

Prerequisite: Tiki app is installed on your device.

To get the link or QR code of an Tini App, do as follows:

  1. Go to Tini Console.
  2. On the Sidebar menu, select My Apps [Tiện ích của bạn].
  3. Open your preferred app.
  4. Click the Save image [Lưu ảnh] button provided that you want to share the app via the QR code; or click the Copy [Sao chép] button provided that you want to share via the link.QR code & link of Tini App
  5. Send either the QR code or the link to the appropriate people.


Question: When to share an app via the QR code and when to share it via the link?

Answer: It depends on the means of sharing the app.

  • The QR code works best in printed media like flyers, leaflets, brochures and standees.
  • The link works best for quick sharing between handheld devices, for example, messaging.