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Hiding App

The Developer can hide their applications as a measure to temporarily take them down from Tiki’s App Hub.

Hidden applications cannot be found on the App Hub [Kho tiện ích] by users. Nevertheless, users can still access the apps via their links or QR codes.

Carry out the following procedure to hide an app:

  1. Go to Tini Console.
  2. On the Sidebar menu, select My Apps [Tiện ích của bạn].
  3. Open your desired app.
  4. On the Sidebar menu, select Settings [Cài đặt] and then select General [Quản lý chung].
  5. In the Danger zone section [Vùng nguy hiểm] at the end of the page, click the Hide app [Ẩn ứng dụng] button.Hide Tini App

You are able to unhide a hidden app using a similar procedure. In the last step, click the Unhide app button [Hiện ứng dụng] in the Danger zone section.


Question: You hide an application; next you publish a new version of the application on the App Hub. Can the app be found on the App Hub?

Answer: No. The app cannot be found until you unhide it.