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Simulation of gestures on a touchscreen

Since this is a computer, you have little choice but to use the mouse rather than your fingers to work on the simulator.

Finger gestureMouse action
Double tapDouble click
SwipeClick the start position. Move the pointer in the swipe direction while holding the mouse button. Finally, release the mouse button.
DragClick the item that you want to move, and hold the mouse button. Move the pointer to the new desired position and then release the mouse button.

Simulation of device gestures

Simulation Widget

Click the Simulation widget icon on the simulator’s toolbar. The list of device gestures will be displayed.

  • Home = you press the device’s Home button.
  • Location = your position. When you click this button, a dialog will appear to allow you to enter the desired coordinates.
  • Scan = scan a QR code using the device’s camera. When you click this button, a dialog will appear in order for you to load the image of the preferred QR code.
  • Shake = you shake your device.

Choosing a device to be simulated

Choose Simulated Device

Select the device model you want to simulate from the leftmost dropdown list on the simulator’s toolbar.

Zooming the simulator in/out

Zoom Ratio

Select the preferred zoom ratio from the middle dropdown list on the simulator’s toolbar.


The simulator comes with live preview. It means whenever there are any changes to the code, the code will be recompiled; the changes will be reflected in the simulator in real time accordingly.

Nevertheless, in case errors occur to the automation compilation mechanism, which causes the new code not to be reflected in the simulator, or in case errors in the code got fixed, you need to recompile manually.

There are two ways to compile the project manually:

  • Way 1: Select Compile from the Tools menu.
  • Way 2: Click the Recompile icon on the simulator’s toolbar.