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Overview of Tini Studio


Tini Studio, also known as Tiki IDE, is an integrated development environment for building mini programs on the Tini App platform. It consists of a project management tool, code editor, debugging tool, simulator and upload tool that allows uploading applications to the Tini Console.

Main interface

Tini Studio

Project management

Tini Studio enables creating projects and managing files in the project, Git tools and npm packages.

Code Editor

The editor is designed to boost coding productivity:

  • Syntax highlighting: supports Tini App framework’s TXML/TCSS languages and JS API. It improves the readability and comprehensibility of code.
  • Autocomplete: the editor predicts the rest of a word and suggests the code syntax as the programmer is typing. It speeds up the process of coding.
  • Linting: automatically scan code to detect syntax errors.


Tini Studio provides tools to improve developer's coding experience:

  • Code editor: Supports syntax highlight for TXML, TCSS and JS APIs.
  • Autocomplete: Automatically suggests syntax and functions from TXML, TCSS and JS APIs.
  • Linting: Quickly detects syntax and other errors while coding.


With the simulator, programmers can run their applications on the computer instead of on the mobile device. The simulator is characterized by:

  • Live preview: Reflects real-time changes in code.
  • Preset devices: Programmers can check the behaviors of their apps in common preset devices.
  • Hardware simulation: Simulates the mobile device's functions such as location, camera and shaking


Compiler Log and DevTools are two useful and comprehensive debugging tools.