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App Development in Tini Studio

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1. Downloading Tini Studio

Tini Studio is available in Windows and MacOS. Visit the link to download the studio.

2. Installing Tini Studio

Run the Tini Studio installer and follow the installation wizard.

3. Creating a new project

  1. Perform either of the following:
    • Way 1: Select New Project from the File menu.
    • Way 2: On the Getting Started page of Tini Studio, click New Project.
  2. In the Configure your project dialogue, type the project name, App ID and the location where you want to store the project [in the Save Location box].
    • App ID: the unique identification of a Tini App. You register it while creating a new Tini App on the Tini Console. Refer to Create your Tini App. So long as you are yet to create the app on Tini Console, you can type any string that conforms to the format of the App ID in order to create the project first.

4. Coding the app

5. Running the app locally

To run a Tini App in Tini Studio’s simulator on your computer, do as follows:

  1. Compile the app by selecting Tools from the Compile menu. Note: Conventionally it is unnecessary to carry out such a step. Providing that there are any changes to the code, Tini Studio will automatically re-compile the project.
  2. Open the simulator through either of the following ways:
    • Way 1: Select Simulator from the View menu.
    • Way 2: Click the Simulator button below the main menu.

6. Debbuging

7. Uploading the app to Tini Console

Refer to App Development and Upload.

8. Running the app with Dev Assistant

Refer to Dev Assistant.