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Compiler Log

The name speaks for itself. The syntax and framework errors are found here.

To see the Compiler Log, select Compiler Log from the Tools menu.



Tini Studio DevTools is a set of tools assisting programmers to identify the issues that the application is facing.

To open DevTools, do either of the following:

  • Select Developers Tool from the View menu.
  • Click the DevTools button below the main menu.

The working and functionality of Tini Studio DevTools are similar to those of Google Chrome DevTools. So you can further to Chrome DevTools.


Common tools


When you click an element in the simulator, the TXML and TCSS source code of the element will be loaded into the Elements tab.


This tool lists out JavaScript errors occurring during the app execution. When you click a particular error, the file containing the errors will be opened on the Sources tab.

More interestingly, you are able to execute a JavaScript code block so as to interact with the running app.


You can open the project’s Javascript file on this tab, adding breakpoints/debuggers to the file.

App Log

It lists out JSAPIs that are called in real time alongside their sent and response data. Network

It is used to monitor the network activity of the app.

  • Request information sent by the app to the server, including URL, request status and response time.
  • Resources, such as images, videos and js, downloaded from the server.

Showing more tools

  1. Click the vertical three dots (⋮) at the top right corner of the DevTools panel. The contextual menu appears.
  2. On the contextual menu, point to More tools, and then select the desired tool.

Command menu

The Command menu offers a quick way to access the set of commands of DevTools, such as commands for unhiding tools.

There are two ways to open the contextual menu:

  • Way 1: Click the vertical three dots (⋮) at the top right corner of the DevTools panel.
  • Way 2: Press the three combination keys Ctrl + Shift + P.
DevTools Run Command

Remote Debugging

It enables developers to test an app on mobile devices without uploading the app to the Tini Console.