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Checkout flows

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Standardized third-party & first-party checkout experience. Three main product types that need to be covered

  • Digital products (Traveloka - Airplane ticket, Miki, Hotel booking,..)
  • Physical products (Tefal - Home kitchen, Gas24h, Gióng coffee,...)
  • Food & Beverage (F&B) products (KFC - fried chicken, Thèm, Tasty kitchen,...)

Based on the three main product types, we can breakdown the checkout experience into 2 approaches:

  • Add-to-cart checkout
  • Quick checkout
ATC checkoutQuick checkout
Cart pageHas separated cart page, includes selectable & editable (quantities, attributes) product itemMerge cart & checkout page
Checkout pageOrder summary includes view-only product itemsOrder summary includes editable (quantities, attributes) product items
Product typeProducts that encourage users to browse & save in the cart for later purchases. Users buying decisions might need lots of reconsideration.Products that want a quick conversion from browsing to payment. Users buying decisions can be made quickly.

Who's it for?

Tiki Open Platform’s third-party & first-party products

Why did we build it?

To synchronize the checkout experience of first-party & third-party applications on the Tiki Open Platform.


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